Private Walks

Private walks are suited well for puppies, seniors, and dogs that may not get along with other dogs. Private walks include a full 30 minutes of walking. On your dogs private walk, if requested we will help with training, and enforcing certain commands such as, stopping and sitting, keeping to one side, pulling issues, and what ever else you feel needs working on.

Pack Walks

Have your dog be a part of our Pets-R-Us Pack with one of our pack leaders! We offer 30 minute, and 1 hour pack walks. Dogs walk in a pack of anywhere from 2 -5 dogs.

Pack walks include hikes, trails, adventures and sometimes river swims for those hot days! During a pack walk your dog will be gone for most of the day (2-4 hours – driving time/pick up and drop off)

Puppy Visits

Puppies need regular routine, consistency, and attention! Thats where we come in to help! We offer short multiple visits a day for a discounted rate.

Feeding, potty breaks, playing/interacting, clean up any mess, and reinforcing training that you are working on with your puppy!

“It is comforting to know that you can absolutely trust someone as Pets-R-Us, with your little family. Romeo & Juliet our Shorkies just love and look forward to the routine walks. I would highly recommend her service hands down. The passion and love shows in all ways”