Adventure Hikes with Pets-R-Us

Pets-R-Us offers group adventure hikes every Saturday from 12-2pm

We come to your home, pick up your dog for a 2 hour hike. We hike at different locations each saturday so it never gets boring! New sights, and new smells! Then, we return them back home, happy, content and ready for a nap!

Our excursions provide your dog with the exercise, socialization and stimulation that they need and want.

*River Swims
*Playing in Snow
*Sniffing everything in sight

On our hikes, All dogs are on one of our extended leashes

Each dogs gets a specialized bandanna with their name on it and wears it on every hike

“Our dog loves going on Adventure hikes with Carley. He waits for her at the door on Saturday mornings, and always comes back pooped!”

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